Friday, January 16, 2009

What About Toddler Scents?

I have experimented with this idea with my own girls, and they just love it!

I have created special scents just for baby to little girls, blending the sweetest and lightest fragrance oils in a gentle
concentration. I use roll-on applicators so they can apply the fragrances themselves! So far, we have:

Treehouse - florals with a hint of sweet sandalwood (perfect with Pink Jungle)

Let's Dance - fruits and florals with a touch of spice (perfect with Flower Power)

Flower Girl - fresh cut roses (perfect with Accessorize Me!)

Hugs and Kisses - vanilla and yummy fruits (perfect with Puppy Love)

Storytime - clean cotton & baby powder (perfect with Pixy Friends)

Christmas Cookie - mint chocolate and vanilla (perfect with Nutcracker Ballet)

In my opinion, a girl's never too young to smell delicious! What do you think?

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