Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet Alida and Mom

Hello! My name is Alida Wilson. I am seven years old. My mom is a fashion designer. I think she does it very well. I enjoy trying on clothes for her, but sometimes they are sewed wrong. But usually they aren't. I enjoy being the daughter of a fashion designer. See you later!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

sisters' opinions

peter (me) here again. after that last blog i kind of ran out of ideas. so i had to ask my mom (ouch)! i mean, what teenager wants to write about fashion anyway, much less ask their mom! however, here i am, and here you are (hopefully), so i might as well get started.

so, my mom said that one thing to do was ask my sisters about what they think about her clothes. having nothing better to do, i agreed. so here are my results (wow, i feel professional):
alida, age 7: dresses, because you can twirl (seriously?).
grace, age 5: some dress that she was wearing, because it had a cute jaguar on it (oh, help).
madeline, age 2: mama clothes (i don't think she got the point).

so, there you have it! the whole list of my sisters' opinions!

the sewing room

hi. peter here again. i'm on spring break, so i get to stay home and experience my mom's sewing better than ever. now, i'm not the kind of person who gets outside a lot, so i get to stay inside all day and read/nap to the sound of my mom's sewing machine going full tilt. this was until we got a basketball hoop the other day, but that's not what i'm supposed to be writing about. anyway, she has an embroidery machine, the kind that will keep embroidering whether you're in the room or not. this gives her the ability to keep it making that annoying rattling no matter what. for example, i just got a video camera, and when i use it, one of the most prominent sounds in the video is the noise of her sewing machine. on the plus side, i am now effectively able to block out any annoying sounds whatsoever, thanks to interminable practice. oh, well, i suppose i'll just have to live with it (sigh). see you!