Monday, February 23, 2009


funky unique baby & toddler girls' outfitsI opened my Bonanzle booth last week. Bonanzle is big news these days, I guess. (I have to get all my big news from my husband, who is actually in tune with the outside world... I am in my own world of children and design!!)

I hear it is growing exponentially. That's good. I also hear it encourages buyer/seller interaction, another plus in my book.

Of course, with my promo codes you can still get the best deals on the Pixyworld site... but the more exposure, the better!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sets vs. Mix-and-Match Pieces

boutique baby & toddler girls' outfitsI've recently added a "sets" category to my online store, Boutique Baby & Toddler Girls' Clothes by Pixyworld. It will be interesting to see whether customers prefer to shop the traditional boutique outfits/sets way, rather than the mix & match piece-by-piece shopping popularized by Baby Gap & Gymboree.

I can certainly see the pros and cons of both. When purchasing a set, the price tag is right there, no math or guesswork needed! There's also the feeling that we get a slightly better deal when purchasing this way.

On the other hand, there's a feeling of excitement and individuality when each shopper can combine pieces her own way.

I'm hoping that those who prefer to purchase sets will still take a peek at the entire collection, and consider adding a piece or two to mix and match. But in any case, I hope my customers will enjoy the extra choices!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Launching on Amazon

toddler girls fairy outfitsI was pretty pleased to be accepted recently by Amazon to sell Pixyworld toddler boutique clothing. But I couldn't have anticipated how big a project it would be to get launched. Amazon has pretty strict specifications on the type of pictures a seller must use, which was the push I needed to get some photography equipment. I was pretty happy with my first batch of photos, taken yesterday.

Then there's the product upload system, which at first I couldn't make head or tail of! I think I have an inkling now, but the test will come at the end of the week when my account becomes active. Wish me luck!