Monday, December 29, 2008

Clothes for All Shapes and Sizes

hip trendy boutique clothes
Oh, to fit all toddler shapes and sizes!

I love to hear from customers that a toddler outfit fits perfectly... and it's a hard-won compliment!

Babies and toddlers do come in ALL shapes and sizes. Did you ever stop to consider that women's clothes are sized
mainly according to body proportions, assuming that basic measurements like height, arm length, and inseam are
more or less the same for all women?

With baby & toddler clothes, all bets are off, and every measurement is up for grabs! A 4T has to try to fit
any little girl of that height, regardless of body proportions!

In designing for Pixyworld, I enjoy this challenge. I've spent hours poring over proportion and sizing decisions, trying
clothes on live models of all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure -- the soft stretch fabrics we use are
a big help! So are the styles I've chosen to design, which look good on a wide variety of body shapes.

Take a look now, at!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Match or Not to Match?

That's the question for our preschool and toddler girls, and their cute boutique clothes!

About a year ago, I asked our older daughter if she'd like to wear matching outfits with her baby sister. At that point, the answer was NO!! (A common answer with toddlers, of course!)

I realized that putting pressure on her would only end in frustration, so I decided to let the matter drop completely.
Now, our girls pick out their own outfits every day -- and guess what?? Most days, they coordinate!

Yesterday they both wore Pink Jungle outfits. My preschooler wore leopard print leggings with her pink jungle dress, and her long-sleeved layering tee. My two-year-old wore her jungle dress too, but with her "monkey jeans" and a cute denim jacket. They were quite a pair!

I think they like being sisters, even if they don't always like to admit it!

They Grow So Fast!!

I can't believe how fast my baby girls are growing! I was just getting used to sizes 2T and 4T, and now suddenly their clothes are looking small again!
It's nice that we can make their Pixyworld swing tops and dresses last a
little longer by pairing them with coordinating toddler jeans. Top length is so up-for-grabs these days anyway!

I've had fun letting them express their personal clothing style with the different mix-and-match pieces in each
Pixyworld collection. My two-year-old has a thing for shrugs! (She calls them

The world of boutique girls' clothing has been a wonderful discovery for us. Why shouldn't our
one-of-a-kind girls wear unique baby clothes? They are each so special. And, as I'm quickly finding out,
this fun toddler stage is going by all too fast.

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! They're what we live in.

Comfy, easy, and always in style, jeans have become a staple in American fashion. Stonewashed,
whiskered, destroyed, embellished. We like them every which way.

We want our toddler girls to look like us, and they want to, too. But not exactly like us.
They should have something sweet, something fun, something that reminds us they're still little.

In designing the Pixyworld boutique line, I have tried to weave together all
these ideas. Thanks for looking, and hug your little girl for me!!

Fall Clothes

It's so much fun to pull out new fall clothes as the weather gets cooler! We are loving seeing our two girls
in embellished jeans and soft patchwork dresses.

Our preschooler loves the "Accessorize Me!" collection -- I think she would wear it every day if it weren't for
having to wash it!

Our toddler's favorite is "Pixy Friends." She calls the dress her "rain" dress because of the sprinkle-dot

And, of course, they both can't wait to get close enough to Christmas to pull out "Nutcracker Ballet!

Join in the fun! Visit Pixyworld: A Toddler Girls' Boutique!

Why do we boutique our girls?

Why is boutique clothing such a popular option for toddler girls?

It probably seems frivolous to some... those who have never fallen in love with a baby girl!

One thing I never knew before I had daughters is that they CARE what they wear -- Oh, yes they do!!

Though it takes extra effort and maybe a little more money, seeing my daughters' delight in a
puppy or a ballerina on their dresses makes it all worthwhile!

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