Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Match or Not to Match?

That's the question for our preschool and toddler girls, and their cute boutique clothes!

About a year ago, I asked our older daughter if she'd like to wear matching outfits with her baby sister. At that point, the answer was NO!! (A common answer with toddlers, of course!)

I realized that putting pressure on her would only end in frustration, so I decided to let the matter drop completely.
Now, our girls pick out their own outfits every day -- and guess what?? Most days, they coordinate!

Yesterday they both wore Pink Jungle outfits. My preschooler wore leopard print leggings with her pink jungle dress, and her long-sleeved layering tee. My two-year-old wore her jungle dress too, but with her "monkey jeans" and a cute denim jacket. They were quite a pair!

I think they like being sisters, even if they don't always like to admit it!

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