Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They Grow So Fast!!

I can't believe how fast my baby girls are growing! I was just getting used to sizes 2T and 4T, and now suddenly their clothes are looking small again!
It's nice that we can make their Pixyworld swing tops and dresses last a
little longer by pairing them with coordinating toddler jeans. Top length is so up-for-grabs these days anyway!

I've had fun letting them express their personal clothing style with the different mix-and-match pieces in each
Pixyworld collection. My two-year-old has a thing for shrugs! (She calls them

The world of boutique girls' clothing has been a wonderful discovery for us. Why shouldn't our
one-of-a-kind girls wear unique baby clothes? They are each so special. And, as I'm quickly finding out,
this fun toddler stage is going by all too fast.

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