Monday, December 29, 2008

Clothes for All Shapes and Sizes

hip trendy boutique clothes
Oh, to fit all toddler shapes and sizes!

I love to hear from customers that a toddler outfit fits perfectly... and it's a hard-won compliment!

Babies and toddlers do come in ALL shapes and sizes. Did you ever stop to consider that women's clothes are sized
mainly according to body proportions, assuming that basic measurements like height, arm length, and inseam are
more or less the same for all women?

With baby & toddler clothes, all bets are off, and every measurement is up for grabs! A 4T has to try to fit
any little girl of that height, regardless of body proportions!

In designing for Pixyworld, I enjoy this challenge. I've spent hours poring over proportion and sizing decisions, trying
clothes on live models of all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure -- the soft stretch fabrics we use are
a big help! So are the styles I've chosen to design, which look good on a wide variety of body shapes.

Take a look now, at!

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