Saturday, May 5, 2012

scenario 2

hi, fellas. if you read my last blog, you'll know about how i tried to show you how life is for a fashion designer's kid. well, here is another scene that happens quite often.
i come home from school, and walk into my front door, having forgotten once again to open it. after an appropriate amount of staggering, i open the door and walk in. mom's on the sewing room, and innumerable siblings are crowding in behind me, not one remembering to climb the stairs on their feet, not their faces. i saunter into the dining room, get a snack, blah blah blah. after an hour or so, i decide to stop doing my chores, just for the heck of it, and go see what new dress/leggings/shorts my mom is making. i swagger up to the sewing room door, knowing how manly and strong i look (a whole eighty pounds, at just twelve years old!) and launch "the question."
"so, mom, can i come in and trash... er, i mean look at your new designs?"
i know that she cannot resist. she must let me enter.
"nah. too crowded."
honestly?  a whole room to herself, and she won't let me in because of space? she is rattling around in there like a bean in a dried up riverbed.
so, i try the magic words.
no effect.
"well, then, i'll leave you too your work."
you don't mess with people who can withstand the magic words.

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