Saturday, April 7, 2012

sisters' opinions

peter (me) here again. after that last blog i kind of ran out of ideas. so i had to ask my mom (ouch)! i mean, what teenager wants to write about fashion anyway, much less ask their mom! however, here i am, and here you are (hopefully), so i might as well get started.

so, my mom said that one thing to do was ask my sisters about what they think about her clothes. having nothing better to do, i agreed. so here are my results (wow, i feel professional):
alida, age 7: dresses, because you can twirl (seriously?).
grace, age 5: some dress that she was wearing, because it had a cute jaguar on it (oh, help).
madeline, age 2: mama clothes (i don't think she got the point).

so, there you have it! the whole list of my sisters' opinions!

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